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In life, we can sometimes find ourselves on our backside. Maybe we made a misstep or a bad decision. We might end up on our backends because of someone else’s poor decisions or choices. Either way, we all have moments in our lives when we need to rise up. 

As you dive into the life of Ezra, you will be encouraged to rise up! You are not held back by your past mistakes or present hurts. Not pressed down by your current heartbreak or a stagnant life. Make confidence your stance. Take courage! Chase your dreams and do your best to stay authentic, courageous, risky, and real. Fiercely overcome obstacles and disappointed dreams with your head held high. Choose to live in faith, not fear. Go do it! Embrace your calling. God chose and created you. He infused you with strength. You’re empowered to be who you are created to be. 

Rise Up. Take Courage. Go Do It.

Small Group Curriculum

1-10        $22.00 each 

11-24      $18.50 each 

25-74      $15.00 each 

75-100    $13.50 each 

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