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My Name Is Victorious Gift Set

$44.00 $35.00

My Name Is Victorious Gift Set 

In this gift set, you will receive one copy of My Name Is Victorious and My Name Is Victorious: Teen Edition

This study is the perfect study for you to do alongside your son or daughter (ages 9 to 19).

We all have names we carry around with us. Some of them are wonderful: Friend, Student, Loved One. We wear those names with pride. Other names, not so much. We’ve embraced names like: Not Enough, Unqualified, Damaged, Depressed, and Overwhelmed.

We don’t have to identify with those names any longer. Each of these books will allow both of you to trade in the names that have haunted you, followed you, and held you back. You and your student will do a little heart excavation, digging into your emotions, old wounds, fears, insecurities, and walls you've built around your hearts. There are twenty days of thought-provoking, hard hitting, and practical content that will help ditch those old names.

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