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Planning with a Purpose E-book


Our brand new Planning with a Purpose E-book is now available! This is a digital product. One download per purchase.

NOTE: If downloading onto your smartphone, download should be found in your Files app. *Not compatible with Kindle

Look at you! You’ve taken on the massive task of planning an event that can make a massive impact in the lives of people. Whether you’re planning a conference, a retreat, a one night event, a volunteer celebration, a fundraiser or an amazing party, we know that purposeful planning can lead to a powerful event. 

This resource is filled with the pages that we, at Leading and Loving It, use to create all of our conferences, events and cohorts. It’s a step-by-step guide meant to be marked up and messed up as you walk through the planning process. We’ve made it digital so that you can use and reuse it with each event you plan for years to come. 

So, print it out and grab your markers and colored pencils to jot everything down. Or drop it on your ipad or computer so you can dump all of your ideas and creativity in one convenient spot. If you end up with a pristine workbook by the close of your event, then we’ve done something very wrong.

These pages have served us well for over a decade, and our hope is that they will serve you from your biggest idea to your tiniest detail.

This guide is for the leader who wants to:

  • Boost your impact by creating a felt need focused event. 
  • Replace a ho-hum event with a powerful experience by clarifying your vision. 
  • Change confusion in the details to confident next steps in your planning.
  • Gain the tools to build an empowered and effective volunteer team.
  • Integrate the systems needed to take you from overwhelmed to organized.

  • Instruction, worksheets, checklists, planning calendars, and samples for contracts, marketing and emails included for:

    1. Finding the felt need of your audience and setting the focus for your event
    2. Building your budget
    3. Selecting your speaker
    4. Planning your programming
    5. Pulling together your team
    6. Partnering with production and worship
    7. Crafting your catering and your hotel
    8. Making your merch
    9. Modeling your marketing
    10. Supporting your sponsors
    11. Tracking your timeline
    12. Evaluating your event
    13. Celebrating life-change