Not Typical Tee

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Unisex v-neck tee.

"We think 'typical' is dead. We've heard 'I'm not the typical pastor's wife or woman in ministry' so many times, we've started to wonder if she ever existed at all, or if she only existed in minds and expectations. Maybe 'typical' isn't what we thought. Maybe typical is wanting to know Jesus, support our families, care for our churches, and grow in love and grace. We find peace as we cling to Him in times of challenge - wrestling with our own shortcomings, keeping our heads up during the tough times, acknowledging that we won't be all things to all people, yet making ourselves available to fellow strugglers. We trust the sovereignty of the Almighty God who called us to partner with Him - finding purpose in our unique giftedness, comfort in knowing He doesn't make mistakes, and rest as we embrace who He made us to be. We aren't perfect, but we may well be typical, and that's fine by us. Leading and Loving It"

Length 28"
Bust 19"